Meet the Builder

Jay Norgaard, President of Norgaard Homes, Inc. brings over 30 years of construction experience as well as dedication, a commitment to excellence and a seeker of quality that sets him and Norgaard Homes apart from other firms in the metropolitan area. Jay isn’t one to manage from sitting behind a desk, he takes great pride in making sure he is at each job making to ensure all goes smooth and efficient. Norgaard Homes is one to highly consider in your next home project, that is if you want the quality home you deserve!


Building a home is one of the more important life events you encounter, it’s where you intend on settling down and maybe plan on extending your family. Wouldn’t you want that purchase to be thoughtfully designed to fit your needs now and in the future? There is a lot to think about when planning a new house or even renovating one you already own. It makes all the difference when you have an experienced builder to help you through the process, to point out some of the details that could be easily overlooked, to ensure the house or new space is a quality fit for you. That is where Norgaard Homes, Inc. steps in and thrives. Jay Norgaard has been providing customers the satisfaction they want and deserve for more than 30 years, with his experience and your creativity the next project you’re thinking about is going to be a breeze.


Not your ordinary custom home building firm, Norgaard Homes can provide prospective clients with the home building experience necessary for them so that they are satisfied and comfortable and are able to enjoy their home with their family for years to come. Customers will have access to the experience, dedication, quality and satisfaction that only Jay Norgaard and Norgaard Homes can provide.


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